Attorney Forms

If you are a new client, print and execute our Agreement. The Assignment Schedule forms can be filled out online, then can be printed, signed and submitted to us.

* You must be a good standing current user. After DCC has received the properly executed Agreement, you may begin sending completed, signed and notarized ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULES along with either:

(1) A copy of each Fee Claim containing the Clerk of Court's date stamp as proof of filing,
(2) A print out of the webpage(s) that confirm the details and submission of the Fee Claims for payment.

In most cases, if your information is received before 3:00pm CST, your advance check will be issued that day (by your choice of regular mail, FedEx or bank wire).

By submitting an ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE, I declare & certify that I have read, understand, accept, agree, & am bound by the terms & conditions of the Agreement/Contract as posted this day on the website of

File Attatchments: